About Us


Thank you for visiting our website!  Indy's Charm has become such a fun hobby...hand pouring soy wax candles and melts is a rewarding past time for us.


Soy wax candles and melts have many benefits!  They are friendlier to the environment because they burn cleaner and come from a natural and renewable resource...soybeans! We are proud to support American farmers and purchase the majority of our supplies locally.

Indy's Charm candles and melts are affordable and promote well-being by enhancing your space with personality and  premium fragrance.  We price our candles and melts so that everyone, who wants to, can enjoy a quality product at a reasonable price.


Remember friends, soy candles have a "burn memory". When burning your candle for the first time, please allow it to burn long enough so that there is a full wax pool that reaches the sides of the container.  After that, you can burn your candle without the worry of tunneling.


Always be safe and keep open flames away from anything that can catch fire and away from pets and children.  It is also very important to trim the candle's wick before each lighting.